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Unopened flower

Moth larva enforces self-pollination in Canada Frostweed The larva of the moth Mompha capella inhabits a flower bud of Canada Frostweed and prevents it from opening, as Neil Kirk Hillier and fellow researchers show. Pollinators cannot visit the flower, which … Continue reading

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Unrewarded services

Orchid utilizes fungi and fruit flies without paying The orchid Gastrodia pubilabiata lives at the expense of other species. It steals sugars from fungi, which also attract fruit flies that provide pollination service, as Kenji Suetsugu shows, without receiving any … Continue reading

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Deceit, abuse and benefits

Complex relationships between arum, blowflies and lizard With its smell of rotting carrion, the dead-horse arum Helicodiceros muscivorus is irresistible to blowflies and a lizard. The blowflies will be abused, the lizard benefits. Ana PĂ©rez-Cembranos and colleagues unraveled these complex … Continue reading

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Sweet snack

Wild bees can do without flowers – for a while When spring arrives in California, wild bees emerge before flowers appear that offer nectar, providing the animals with energy. To survive, they temporarily use sugary honeydew, as Joan Meiners and … Continue reading

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Cleansing hair

Honey bee rubs her eyes after visiting a flower A busy bee gets dirty: she gets covered with the pollen of flowers. But within minutes she has cleaned herself after visiting a flower, as Guillermo Amador and colleagues report, thanks … Continue reading

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Fly trap

Parachute flower smells like a tasty bee in distress Flowers of the African parachute plant are deceivers, as Annemarie Heiduk and colleagues show. The flowers mimic the smell of honeybees that are caught in the jaws of a spider. Their … Continue reading

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