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Unopened flower

Moth larva enforces self-pollination in Canada Frostweed The larva of the moth Mompha capella inhabits a flower bud of Canada Frostweed and prevents it from opening, as Neil Kirk Hillier and fellow researchers show. Pollinators cannot visit the flower, which … Continue reading

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Role pattern erased

Twisted-wing parasites change the behaviour of host wasps The life cycle of the parasite Xenos vesparum is closely linked to that of the wasps in which it lives. It modifies their behaviour in such a way that it meets its … Continue reading

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Gruesome boost

Damaged cicadas spread fungal spores via sexual behaviour Massospora fungi produce substances that we know as recreational drugs, Greg Boyce and colleagues write. By doing so, they manipulate the behaviour of cicadas in which they proliferate. The insects face a … Continue reading

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