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Role pattern erased

Twisted-wing parasites change the behaviour of host wasps The life cycle of the parasite Xenos vesparum is closely linked to that of the wasps in which it lives. It modifies their behaviour in such a way that it meets its … Continue reading

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Cuckoo catfish in search of foster parents

Cichlid mothers see through the deceit, but pay a high price The cuckoo catfish tries to dump its eggs among those of fish of the cichlid family. Cichlids usually avoid being used as foster parents, Radim Blažek and colleagues report, … Continue reading

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Unrewarded services

Orchid utilizes fungi and fruit flies without paying The orchid Gastrodia pubilabiata lives at the expense of other species. It steals sugars from fungi, which also attract fruit flies that provide pollination service, as Kenji Suetsugu shows, without receiving any … Continue reading

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Useful cigarette butts

House finch has to accept harmful side effects Smoked-trough cigarette filters are noxious, still some bird species add them to their nest lining, where the nicotine will repel blood-sucking parasites. They do so only when they need to, as Monserrat … Continue reading

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Double deceit

Female cuckoo chuckle call is embarrassing for songbirds By first laying her egg secretively and then giving a loud chuckle call while leaving, a female cuckoo doesn’t seem to behave in a consistent way. But her call adds to her … Continue reading

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